Philip H. Inman Excellence in Choral Conducting Arts Scholarship

Philip H. Inman was the Artistic Director of the Choral Society from 1979 – 2011

In establishing the Philip H. Inman Excellence in Choral Conducting Arts Scholarship, we, the members of the Beaver Valley Choral Society, have come together to celebrate Mr. Inman’s life-long dedication to excellence in the choral arts of Beaver County, Pennsylvania. We remember his perfection in training the many thousands of fortunate individuals who were and are inspired not only to produce beautiful sounds under his artistic encouragement, but to discover deeper human emotions of love for self, country, and especially God and the beauty of all creation through the joy of music.

It is fitting and right to honor Mr. Philip H. Inman by conferring this scholarship to an outstanding student focused on choral arts conducting. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student from one of our five partner universities, Duquesne University, Carnegie Mellon University, Westminster College, Geneva College, and Grove City College.

Student Promise of Tomorrow

Recognizing student talent with this scholarship award. Participation in One: Exclusive Pre-college Program, Carnegie Mellon University; Penn State Summer Honors Music Institute Chamber Choir Program, Penn State University, University Park, PA; Geneva College Summer Festival, Beaver Falls PA; Susquehanna University, High School Choral Institute, Susquehanna, PA (subject to student acceptance into one). Scholarship Award presented based on student application to and acceptance in one of the qualifying summer college or university programs

Scholarship Award Funds to offset summer institute cost. Residency requirements must be verified. Student high school scholastic record to be verified.

The Beaver Valley Choral Society High School Student Promise of Tomorrow Scholarship program subject to change without notice.


The Summer Choral & Instrumental Academy is designed for Students who are entering grade 9 through recent high school graduates; who may want to pursue a career in music; who want to sing or play beyond high school and through life; who are passionate about choral or instrumental music. The Summer Choral & Instrumental Academy will help students gain an appreciation of the rehearsal process, learn how to sight-sing with confidence, and work directly with the area’s leading choral and instrumental educators.

Scholarship Award Funds to offset summer institute cost for the students. Residency requirements must be verified. Student high school scholastic record to be verified.

Please consider supporting a student in their pursuit of unique music education by contributing to an Academy Scholarship, in any amount, using our online donation form (full tuition scholarship is $250).

Inman Scholarship Recipients

2001 Jeffrey Tedford                    Carnegie Mellon University

2002 Richard Skirpan                   Duquesne University

2003 Mary Ann Mangini              Grove City College

2004 Garrett Mudrick                  Geneva College

2005 Katherine Menhorn            Westminster College

2006 Brian Hart                             Carnegie Mellon University

2007 Robert Kurth                        Duquesne University

2008 Megan Jones                        Grove City College

2009 Guy Russo                            Carnegie Mellon University

2010 Lauren Holmes                    Geneva College

2011 Daniel Goffus                       Westminster College

2012 Andrew Kurtz                       Duquesne University

2013 John A. Krimmel                   Grove City College

2014 Justin Addicott                      Geneva College

2015 Colin Farley                           Duquesne University

2016 Rachel Read                         Westminster College

2017 Colton Croskey                     Grove City College

2018 Gino Mollica                          Carnegie Mellon University

2019 Jordan Keisewetter               Geneva College

2020 Lindsey Mesina                     Duquesne University

2021 Camille Baptiste                    Westminster College

2023 Tristan Donica                       Grove City College